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Clutch 2022

Live Footage

Watch CLUTCH Play A 20-Song Set In Baltimore From Last Night

They played most of Sunrise On Slaughter Beach.

Clutch livestreamed their entire set at Hammerjacks in Baltimore, MD the night of September 17 and you can stream it in full above. Clutch played the entirety of their new album Sunrise On Slaughter Beach at the show, though notes that "Mercy Brown" was skipped due to some technical issue. The show ran as follows:

  1. "Impetus"
  2. "X-Ray Visions"
  3. "Firebirds!"
  4. "Slaughter Beach"
  5. "We Strive for Excellence"
  6. "Rats"
  7. "Mice and Gods"
  8. "Mountain of Bone"
  9. "Skeletons on Mars"
  10. "Walking in the Great Shining Path of Monster Trucks"
  11. "Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)"
  12. "Nosferatu Madre"
  13. "Escape From the Prison Planet"
  14. "Jackhammer Our Names"
  15. "Three Golden Horns"
  16. "A Shogun Named Marcus"
  17. "Cypress Grove"
  18. "The Elephant Riders"
  19. "In Walks Barbarella"
  20. "D.C. Sound Attack!"

Sunrise On Slaughter Beach, which was released o September 16, is Clutch's shortest album yet and vocalist Neil Fallon explained why in a recent interview.

"It was a little odd for us to record this record because we're used to being able to do these songs live. For obvious reasons we weren't able to do that, but that did give us a bit of flexibility in the studio to try things that perhaps we wouldn't have otherwise. There's a lot of instrumentation that [is] atypical of Clutch, like for example vibraphones, theremins, [and] backup vocals. It's a short record.

"It's nine songs, maybe 35 minutes thereabouts. We recorded more, but we just thought we wanted to make something that was just right to the point [where] every song kind of represented a different flavor."

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"Hopefully the album will come out in the third quarter or fourth quarter of 2025."