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Evanescence Caleb

Live Footage

Watch 8-Year Old CALEB Drum With EVANESCENCE At Soundcheck

This kids rules.

Eight-year old Caleb had the time of his life drumming for Evanescence tonight and there's video to prove it! Caleb got to play "Take Cover" with Evanescence during their soundcheck before tonight's show in Glasgow and it was killer, man.

"Caleb had his mind absolutely BLOWN when he was invited to play 'Take Cover' with Evanescence in soundcheck!" reads the description of Caleb's video. "He wasn’t expecting it & even though [drummer Will Hunt’s] Monster kit is huge in comparison to Caleb (4ft tall) he was still determined to crush it & give it his all! Enjoy. Thank you Will for making this happen! Precious memories with an absolutely Awesome band!"

"This is one soundcheck we will never forget!" added Evanescence. "It was awesome jamming with you Caleb!"

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