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Watch: 3 INCHES OF BLOOD Vocalist Joins INTO ETERNITY On Stage For "Destroy The Orcs" Cover

Cam Pipes is back, baby!

Into Eternity played the Hyperspace Metal Festival on April 17 at the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver. As if it wasn't great enough that Into Eternity was recently rejoined by vocalist Stu Block, the band's performance at Hyperspace Metal Festival saw another fantastic (and unexpected) guest – 3 Inches Of Blood vocalist Cam Pipes!

Pipes and Into Eternity proceeded to shred through "Destroy The Orcs" from 3 Inches Of Blood's 2004 album Advance And Vanquish, and they absolutely crushed it. I mean seriously, just laid complete waste to this song.

3 Inches Of Blood broke up in 2015 and Pipes pretty much disappeared after the band's breakup, which is a real shame considering he's got an insane voice. All I'm saying is that maybe there needs to be an Into Eternity North American tour with 3 Inches Of Blood as the opener? Please?

Into Eternity reunited with vocalist Stu Block at the Loud As Hell Festival in 2021 and has been working on new material with him ever since. The last material Into Eternity put out with Block was the "Fukushima" single in 2012.

"‼️ATTENTION DEATH PROG SQUAD‼️We will be hitting the studio soon with Stu doing a re record of a 15 year old classic song from our catalog and recording two new tunes!!" said the band at the time. "We are very excited for you all to hear what we are up too!! Lots of news to come stay tuned!!"

For those trying to do the math, Into Eternity released their album The Scattering of Ashes in 2006. So it might be safe to assume that it's something off that record.

Block was originally the vocalist for Into Eternity between 2005 and 2013, at which point he quit to join Iced Earth. Block then quit Iced Earth earlier this year after guitarist Jon Schaffer participated, and was subsequently arrested for his participation, in the January 6 insurrection. Block and vocalist Amanda Kiernan now co-front Into Eternity.

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