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Waking The Cadaver 2021

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WAKING THE CADAVER Throws Down With "Corpse Decomposition"

Big ol' slammy riffs.

Waking The Cadaver will release their first new album since 2013 Authority Through Intimidation this October, and is now streaming the single "Corpse Decomposition".

"I believe Authority Through Intimidation is the definitive Waking the Cadaver album. Our mission statement for writing it was slamming gore groove," said guitarist Mike Mayo. "That’s been our slogan since the beginning and I think this collection of songs exemplifies its meaning more than any of our previous albums.

"We really wanted level up the technicality and song writing of Real-Life Death, while also having more nods to our first album Perverse Recollections of a Necromangler. I think we succeeded in doing just that. Listeners will be able to hear our love for bands like Dying Fetus, Last Days of Humanity, and Disgorge, as well as our love for early Hatebreed and All Out War.”

Authority Through Intimidation was produced by AJ Viana (Cognitive, Through the Eyes of the Dead). Pre-orders are available here.

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