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Vomit Forth

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VOMIT FORTH Will Wreck You With Their New Single "Carnivorous Incantation"

They're called Vomit Forth. What did you expect?

Vomit Forth is now streaming their new single "Carnivorous Incantation" off their coming Century Media debut Seething Malevolence, due out July 8. The single comes alongside a hyperactive video loaded with flashing lights and fast-paced mania, so maybe skip it if you're prone to things like that bothering you.

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"Carnivorous Incantation is somewhat of a self-reflective song," said Vomit Forth vocalist Kane Gelaznik. "It's about the effects of abuse on our psyche. Abuse begets abuse like some horrible spell cast on us all. The song is a way of trying to externalize, understand, and move past trauma. This video is intentionally unnerving and spastic. We wanted the video to stick with you because of the subject matter of the song. That's a big reason we decided to go with 8498. I hope this helps victims of abuse of any kind to move past their trauma."

Pre-orders for Seething Malevolence are available here.

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