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VEIL OF MAYA's New Song "Overthrow" Sounds Like Classic VEIL OF MAYA With Some Clean Vocals

Right out of the gate, this song crushes.

Veil Of Maya's 2015 album Matriarch was the first to feature vocalist Lukas Magyar, who brought a lot of clean vocals to the band. It was a pretty jarring shift for the band, and now with its coming album False Idol, the band seems to be looking for that right balance, with the song harkening back to The Common Man's Collapse-esque riffs with a lot more growling. Seriously, "Overthrow" might be one of the band's best songwriting efforts in quite some time, and this is coming from someone who doesn't think Veil Of Maya ever put out a legitimately questionable album.

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False Idol is out October 20, and you can pre-order it for as low as $9.49 on

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