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VEHEMENCE's First New Song In 11 Years Isn't Your BS Studio Magic Death Metal; It's Raw and Brutal!

Vehemence hasn't been around since its 2004 record Helping The World To See, but 11 years later the band is back and clearly has still got it! The new song "I Don't Want To Look Inside," off Forward Without Motion due out October 21, is an extremely well-played jam that sounds like it was recorded by actual musicians… instead of just being punched in and deemed super technical. Oh, did we mention we're premiering this sick jam?

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Here's what the band has to say about the video!

Working on the songs off and on for several years between 2007 and 2011, Vehemence began a methodical, painstaking tracking process for the new record between 2012 and 2014, the album’s guitars, bass, and vocals being recorded at the home studios of guitarists Bjorn Dannov and Kyle Moeller, with the drums being recorded at Villain Studios in Phoenix. When listening to Forward Without Motion, one will discover the refreshing sounds of a band creatively reborn and seasoned by experience. The album flows with a relentless, throat grabbing energy that never flags and begs for repeated spins. This cohesive power is nowhere more apparent than in the strength of the instrumental and vocal performances, which slash and hammer their way out of the speakers with a passion rarely found in the cold, mostly lifeless corpses that are most modern death metal recordings.

Righteous and totally agreed! Pre-order the record right here on vinyl, on CD and digitally.

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Vehemence does technical death metal right.


It wasn't my fault. I didn't write this song. I'm not that good.