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VARIALS' New Song 'E.D.A." Is A Painful Lesson In Truth

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Varials new album Pain Again is out tomorrow on Fearless Records, and we've been really stoked on what these guys are doing. It's heavy, it's honest, and the production is ridiculous. Now we've been given the privilege to premiere the band's new song and video "E.D.A." which vocalist Travis Tabron says connects more of the story the album is trying to tell.

It stands for everyone dies alone. Imagine my state of mind after at the end of “Anything To Numb." I'm inebriated, and all of my internal problems have came back to my brain, and ghosts from my past have literally came back to haunt me, so it puts me in my most lowest point of downward thinking. But from the bottom, you get a completely different perspective of what it looks like to be at the top. Exactly why all of the lyrics are referential and play off of each other. You learn a lot about life when your friends start dying. You learn a lot about trust, when you're left so lonely again.

Pre-order Pain Again here.

Posted by on August 10, 2017 at 2:39 pm

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