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UNIDAD TRAUMA's " 33 (Ars Sinistra)" Will Cut You Open

We're excited to premiere this gnarly music video from Tijuana-based grindcore masters Unidad Trauma. Their new EP, Arte Médica Sinestra, comes out via Concreto Records May 28.

Here's what the band says about the video. “The video for the song ‘33’ from the new EP Arte Médica Siniestra is a visual adaption of the general lyrical content from the Tijuana based doctors of UNIDAD TRAUMA. The fears of the common citizen in regards to medical practices being performed by professionals who are mentally unfit or have twisted ulterior motives is a topic that these physicians wanted to dissect and expose to onlookers. The ultimate goal being for the viewer to put themselves into the seat of the patient, who lay unconscious as devious hands move and reconstruct their insides, more often times in an irreversible, violent manner.”

Order your copy and IndieMerchStore.

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