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UNEVEN STRUCTURE Frost/Hail video premiere

The video was created by guitarist Igor Omodei and is the second part in the video series from Februus.

The video was created by guitarist Igor Omodei and is the second part in the video series from Februus. Comments Igor:

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Our first video, Awaken, was always meant to be followed by Frost/Hail and we wanted to finally release it before we completely immersed ourselves in writing and recording our second album. Awaken was about getting used to the characters and getting out of your comfort zone. Frost/Hail is about discovering what's out there, the rules and hazards defining your world/mind but also the limitless potential lying in taking the risk to confront and bend these. Production-wise, as for Awaken, our awesome friends from Qatlaq Films lent us their camera and extra studio gear then we went from there ourselves for the editing and post-production. We hope you like it."

The video comes ahead of the band re-releasing a newly recorded and reworked version of their 2009 EP, 8, which will be released as a special bundle option with album Februus.

Iggy adds: 8, as a collective piece is something we love to play live but the way we do now is quite different from the 2009 EP. So we decided to release this altered version by going back to the drawing board, reworking it, taking advantage of the lineup consolidation and technical progress we've been through since the original was out. This is a thank you to our fans for being so supportive and believing in us, and we really hope they will enjoy what we’ve done with it. Whilst they enjoy this, we’re busy in our batcave, working on our second album. We want to get that exactly right as it’s a concept album, the technical aspect is more engaging than on Februus and we're leaving more room for experimentation which means our writing spectrum is broad as hell.”

The band are supporting Animals as Leaders in Russia on April 24th and 25th.

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