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Thy Art Is Murder 2023

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THY ART IS MURDER Streams "Join Me In Armageddon", Announces New Album

A massive ass kicker.

It's a big day for Thy Art Is Murder! The band is now streaming their devastating new single "Join Me In Armageddon" and has announced their new record Godlike due out on September 15. Godlike will be Thy Art Is Murder's first effort on their new label Human Warfare, which you can pre-order here.

"'Join Me In Armageddon' is a song that started off with one idea, self destruction," says guitarist Andy Marsh. "I suppose throughout this record we have ended up touching on a lot of themes that came to the fore these last few years, for us, and maybe you as well. Loss, distance, doubt, pressure and tension have made their way through our lives and now are intertwined and immortalized in this record, Godlike."

Godlike was produced, mixed and mastered by Will Putney (Fit For An Autopsy, Better Lovers, End, etc.) at Graphic Nature Audio with assistance from Steve Seid. The music video for "Join Me In Armageddon" was directed by Third Eye Visuals.

In related news, Thy Art Is Murder recently released their new split with Fit For An Autopsy and Malevolence dubbed The Aggression Sessions this April. Because why put out just an album when you can accompany it with a crushing split?

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