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This Orchestral Cover Of ÁRSTÍÐIR's "Shades" Is Excellent

Table For 26 strikes again!

Philadelphia musical collective Table For 26 originally introduced themselves to the world with a cover of Opeth's "Atonement." Now the band is back with a cover of the 2011 Árstíðir track "Shades" that's unsurprisingly great.

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"'Shades' is by far the darkest song of the bunch here, and fits quite well within our first collection of cover songs. The original song from Icelandic group Árstíðir's 2011 album, Svefns og vöku skil, is such a wild ride that we couldn't help but try it ourselves. It heavily features our wonderful six-piece string section, and puts both of our drummers to work as well. There was always much cheer to be heard when we ended this song at rehearsal after its heart-pounding race-to-the-finish ending! Our thanks goes out to Árstíðir for creating such an incredible piece of music."

Check out Table For 26 here.

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Mashups & Covers

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