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This Is The Closest We'll Ever Get To A Real, Playable Air Guitar


This Is The Closest We'll Ever Get To A Real, Playable Air Guitar

Jim Lill has done it.

YouTuber and guitarist Jim Lill has made the closest thing we'll ever get to a real, actual air guitar. Lill originally set out to discover what makes guitars sound different from one another, only to take the experiment to the extreme by having a set of strings suspended between a bench and a shelf. The result sounds surprisingly good considering the end result has no neck and no body.

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If you're looking for just the air guitar bit, it starts at 8:44. Though you really ought to check the whole thing.

"Lately I’ve been looking for where tone comes from," said Lill. "I did a video a few months ago where I started down the path of actually testing things in the signal chain to see if they make a difference or not, and I was surprised at some of the results.

"The rush I got out of finding reality and realizing that most “facts” about tone must come from people who are just repeating stuff instead of actually testing them made me want to go farther. In this video, I go farther.

I test as many aspects of the electric guitar that I can, with the goal of figuring out which parts contribute to the amplified tone and which don’t. This leads me down roads I never would have imagined going in. See (and hear) for yourself."

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