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This CLUTCH Show From 2001 is Real Good

All about that Pure Rock Fury-era Clutch.

Vintage concert footage YouTube channel Liberated Tape Archive has provided us with some classic Clutch today. The above footage was filmed at the Metro in Chicago, IL on December 19, 2001. This means the show took place about nine months after the release of Clutch's 2001 album Pure Rock Fury.

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If you're looking for some modern live Clutch, the band will play their Live From the Doom Saloon – Volume II livestream show on August 7. Clutch is also running a competition where fans can submit their dream setlist. The winner will receive a prize package and, more importantly, get to see Clutch play their dream setlist.

Sea of Destruction
The Dragonfly
Sink 'Em Low
Escape From the Prison Planet
Who Wants to Rock?
Big Fat Pig
Going to Market
One Eye Dollar
Hoodoo Operator
Big News I
Raised by Horses
Big News II
A Shogun Named Marcus
Pure Rock Fury
Careful With That Mic…

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