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THE RETICENT Unleashes the Prog Metal on New Song "Stage 2: The Captive"

FFO: Opeth, Porcupine Tree, and Katatonia.

The Reticent will release their new album The Oubliette on September 25. The album takes listeners through a tragic journey through the different stages of Alzheimer's disease, and you can check out their new song "Stage 2: The Captive" above. The song's video was directed by Justin H. Reich (Zakk Wylde, Ace Frehley, etc.).

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"I want to give listeners the opportunity to go on a journey through the harrowing destruction of Alzheimer’s disease," said band founder Chris Hathcock. "The illness is pitiless and cruel as it only begins with losing memories. It progresses to losing motor functions and in the late stages you lose the ability to feed yourself or communicate or even swallow. My hope is that listeners will digest the record as they would a film. Much like the mind being eroded by Alzheimer’s, The Oubliette frequently (and sometimes suddenly) will have drastic shifts in mood and style.

"Thus, listeners can experience a full gamut of emotions from hope, confusion, anger, and despair as the character with whom we journey goes through the seven stages of this incurable damnation. In order to reflect these mood swings and various emotions (as befits progressive music) several styles and genres are utilized to paint the pictures ranging from prog rock to black metal, latin to doom, jazz to symphonic. If I’ve done my job, at the album’s conclusion the listener will hopefully reflect not necessarily on the music but on the very notion of the disease itself and its ramifications as well as those that suffer from it currently."

Pre-order The Oubliette here.

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