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THE LION'S DAUGHTER's New Single "Bath House" Is Everything From Industrial To METALLICA

It's really good, too.

The Lion's Daughter is back with a new record called Bath House due out October 13, and the title track streaming right now in the video above. If you're looking for an industrial thrash rager, then this one is for you.

"Saying that this album was influenced by everything-that-I've-ever-liked-ever isn't a very good answer, but it's an accurate one," said frontman Rick Giordano. "I turned the left side of my brain off completely and let a lifetime of soaking up great art just come to the surface naturally.

"There are bits of all the things I love in there… from old Metallica to film scores to industrial and whatever else, but I think these things have melded together in a way that is cohesive and not just nonsensical genre-hopping. There are clean vocals and guitar solos, a lot of things that we've never tried before. It really feels like you uploaded my entire record collection to a hard drive and had an AI create an album based on that."

Bath House is available for pre-order here. On the new, intricately-written record, Giodano offered the following: "Our previous two album covers featured masked characters. I wanted to see what happens when you take the mask off. This record isn't shrouded in mystery the same way the previous couple have been. It's much more of an in your face kind of attack, and I felt the artwork should represent that.

"This horrible creature looks dangerous and frightening, but is also clearly in pain and also afraid. It's the perfect image to represent whatever the fuck ugly thing lives in my head. On this record it is no longer hiding behind a mask… it is loose and it's right outside your fucking house."

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