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The Halo Effect 2021

Live Footage

THE HALO EFFECT Tapped THE HAUNTED's Guitarist In Place Of JESPER STRÖMBLAD For Metaldays 2022

Patrik Jensen killed it.

The Halo Effect played Metaldays 2022 on July 27, though guitarist Jesper Strömblad sat the performance out and was replaced by Patrik Jensen of The Haunted. Check out the full performance above. The Halo Effect will release Days Of The Lost on August 12, and pre-orders are available here. As for why Strömblad missed the show, The Halo Effect released the following statement last week explaining that Strömblad may not be making every live appearance.

"A positive note to our friends in the industry, the media and of course our fans: As each day brings us both closer to the release of our debut album and as we have now played our first ever show as a band we felt that it would be appropriate to address in more accurate detail a few recurring questions that we continue to receive.

"The creation of The Halo Effect came about very naturally. Since day one it's just been five friends, with a long history together and that enjoy each other's company and respect each other musically, getting together to create art and music. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. And to this day that's still the case. The love and respect we have for each other is limitless and collectively as The Halo Effect the intention is to create the best music we possibly can.

"It's also no secret that over the years our beloved band member Jesper has had his struggle. We do not wish to hide this from anyone and we definitely do not intend to hide from this. Jesper's love for playing and creating music is immeasurable as is his love for the fans. He has never been completely comfortable doing interviews and in all honesty that's most likely not going to now change. He prefers to communicating with the fans via his music and face-to-face when he gets the chance to meet them. Jesper continues to get stronger and stronger with each day and with everyone's support this will continue. As a band we understand, respect and stand side-by-side in support with Jesper on his journey. This may mean that he may not be the most accessible of band members when it comes to interviews, this at times may mean that he will not be able to play each and every show but rest assured that Jesper will be joining as much as he possibly can.

"'I have been battling addiction and other demons for many years so when we formed The Halo Effect I decided once and for all to deal with these issues. It is a daily struggle for me that will take time and it's something I understand that I will have to deal with every day but I have in place the help I need and I have amazing, understanding band mates and it's a tight I'm now winning. Thank you guys for believing in me. Without music there would be nothing! It means the world to have your support!'"

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