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THE CROWN Replaces Speed With Melody on New Song "We Drift On"

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THE CROWN Replaces Speed With Melody on New Song "We Drift On"

Featuring some clean guitars!

The Crown is now streaming their new single "We Drift On", which noticeably slows things down and even brings in some clean guitars. The song comes alongside a music video directed by Christoffer Tönnäng and Oskar Norberger, and is off The Crown's upcoming record Royal Destroyer.

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"I think that after 30 years, people are aware that we can play pretty brutal music," said guitarist Marko Tervonen. "But we also sometimes like to take it down a notch and explore other areas. I guess in 2021, it's pretty difficult to 'surprise' people with a brutal song, so we hope to surprise you with this more mellow tune. Dare I even use the word 'ballad' insert-fear-here Ok. Lean back, drift on and enjoy."

Royal Destroyer is out March 12. Pre-orders are available here.

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