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TETRARCH Drops Acoustic Cover Of MUDVAYNE's "Forget To Remember"

Maybe they'll tour together?

Tetrarch recently teamed up with Metal Hammer for both an acoustic cover of Mudvayne's 2005 track "Forget To Remember" and a new rendition of their own song "You Never Listen". Tetrarch guitarist Diamond Rowe said the Mudvayne cover was meant to showcase both the band's heaviness and their ability to write a hook.

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“We had an absolute blast covering Forget to Remember,” said Rowe. “Mudvayne are a band that was pretty influential to the genre in the early 2000s.

“Because of their hiatus, it is so easy to forget how prominent they were during that time but when you actually stop to think about it and listen to their catalogue, there are a lot of amazing songs there. We wanted to pick on of their songs that still had some edge and grit but that is still one of their hits, and this was the perfect one.”

Check out both covers here. Tetrarch will release their new album Unstable on April 30. Pre-orders are available here. As for Mudvayne, they recently reunited and will play a handful of reunion shows later this year across several festivals… and then we'll see what happens after that.

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