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SYLOSIS "Servitude" Music Video Gets Approval From KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, DECAPITATED And More

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SYLOSIS "Servitude" Music Video Gets Approval From KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, DECAPITATED And More

Sylosis is one of those bands that I've been aware of for quite some time and even casually listened to for the sake of writing a piece on singles and album streams, yet I've never sat down to really dig into the band's career. Apparently this is something both myself and you need to do, according to James Monteith of Tesseract.

 "Sylosis are without a doubt leading the charge for UK metal. Their precision, skill and ferociousness are unparalleled by most, and they are true masters of the riff. Josh's phenomenal lead work oozes sophistication – silky sweeps and a strong melodic sensibility that is unique to him, he is without a doubt one of the top players in the game."

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What about Vogg from Decapitated? Dude loves 'em.

"What is great about Sylosis is that they just sound very authentic and original – the music is modern and fresh, even though you can hear a lot of old school inspirations. The best thing about Sylosis' music for me is the melodies. This band are epic and have a great future."

Trivium's Matt Heafy and Killswitch Engage's Jesse Leach? Hates 'em. Oh no wait, they both sing the band's praises. Here's Leach…

"When I first heard Sylosis they were another band on a list of bands that submitted to be support for Killswitch on a tour. I make it a point to research any band I am unfamiliar with so naturally I looked them up. The album Monolith had just dropped and good lord was I surprised when I heard it! This band is everything I love about good metal; killer riffs, solid guttural screams and a fast pace. All killer, no nonsense metal! I ended up becoming a fan that day, but after meeting them and watching them live it sealed the deal. They are one of the few bands I actually listen to on a regular basis (especially when cycling out in the Hudson Valley here in NY) and they are such a down to earth, salt of the earth group of guys. Sylosis are a top notch band and well deserving any and all recognition they get!"

And here's Heafy.

"Sylosis are a band that have melded the greatest aspects of modern metal's best offerings into a sound uniquely and entirely their own. Moments of thrash, melodic death metal, death metal, and metalcore are but tools in the arsenal of Sylosis's sonic landscape. Their diverse catalogue of songs show the breadth of what they are capable of. Sylosis are a band that shows metal is evolving in the right direction."

What I'm getting at here is that we all need to sit down and watch the new Sylosis music video and become way, way more curious about this band. Hell, I'm about to do it!

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[via Metal Hammer]

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