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SWIM THE CURRENT Brings The Nü-Grooves With "Knowing Your Destiny"

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SWIM THE CURRENT Brings The Nü-Grooves With "Fatum Sciam (Knowing Your Destiny)"

Nü-grooves indeed.

Swim The Current is now streaming their new single "Fatum Sciam (Knowing Your Destiny)." The single features drummer Chris Moore (Ultraphonix, Rock Of Ages), bassist George Pond (Disciples of Verity, Negative Sky), guitarist and project ringleader Greg Antine, guitarist and keyboardist Joe Gareri, vocalist Jason "Jai Diablo" Messina (DragPipe, Stem), and Dan Caputo.

"I’ve been spending years searching for my own Destiny applying sacred geometry and spiritual practices to open my sub-conscience," said Diablo. "Most of us find ourselves dealing with demons and it’s how we break thru and reinvent ourselves when the real magic happens. I applied this thought practice when writing the lyrics to knowing your destiny."

"This song cut to the core when I first heard the rough idea. George, Joe, and Greg have created a sonic thunderstorm for you with vocals cartwheeling over the whole thing… I’m honored to be part of it," added Moore.

"Within the mystery of life our happiness and tragedies play powerful roles In the ups and downs of the rollercoaster that is our existence…. we traverse the unknown embracing what fate has in store for us," said Caputo.

Stream "Fatum Sciam (Knowing Your Destiny)" here.

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