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Live Footage

SUFFOCATION & CARNIFEX Stream Double Feature Live Sets

From Hellfest 2018 and Resurrection Fest 2015.

The Knotfest YouTube channel is here to save your day with a killer double feature. The channel is streaming both Suffocation's Hellfest 2018 set and Carnifex's Resurrection Fest 2015 set back to back above!

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00:38 In Coalesce With Filth and Faith
04:16 Hatred and Slaughter
09:33 Dark Days
13:55 Until I Feel Nothing
18:22 Die Without Hope
23:24 Lie to My Face
27:42 Hell Chose Me


32:27 – Thrones of Blood
38:33 – Funeral Inception
43:08 – Clarity Through Deprivation
47:50 – Pierced From Within
53:07 – Effigy of the Forgotten
57:47 – Return to the Abyss
1:02:22 – Entrails of You
1:07:25 – Jesus Wept
1:11:47 – Liege of Inveracity
1:17:11- Catatonia
1:21:22 – Infecting the Crypts

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Tour Dates

Kicking off this summer.


Shout out to our photographer Mihaela Petrescu.


Demilich? Dismember? Grave? We need 'em.