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Study Death With SORIZON's "Thanatos Rising"

Sorizon is a band that cannot be defined by any one sub genre. Self-described as "radical metal," you get proggy elements, chugging rhythms, scathing harmonies, and on-point drum work.

Their latest single, "Thanatos Rising", from their upcoming album of the same name consists of epic vocals, finger bleeding guitar work, thumping bass and no nonsense drums, and a solo that will leave you feeling thrashed!

“‘Thanatos Rising’ is about fixation with death, it overtaking your thoughts and not being able to escape the worry and fear of the unknown,” says vocalist Keith McIntosh.

Adds guitarist and video director Dr. Danny Mann, “There is tension and pain in the sound, so my working titles were ‘Torture’ and ‘Third Circle of Hell’. I wanted the chugs to be extra powerful, taking some inspiration from Opeth and Gojira.”

Music samples and pre-orders are available via Sorizon’s Bandcamp page.

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