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STRYPER Playing A Show With Battery-Powered Amps After The Power Goes Out Is Pretty Heartwarming

The crowd sounds like they're having a great time.

Stryper played their set at the Whisky A Go Go club in West Hollywood, CA on November 5 without any power and man, it looked like a blast for everyone. Stryper performed with a handful of battery-powered amplifiers, a snare drum, and three vocalists doing their absolute best. The result is pretty heartwarming as everyone sings along and the band is all smiles in a room lit by what looks like phones and flashlights. What's not to love here?

"Well, that was a first!" said vocalist Michael Sweet. "The power went out on Sunset last night 30 minutes before our set and we went out on Whisky A Go Go stage and rocked with 2 battery powered practice amps, 1 snare drum and 3 acapella vocals to a second night, sold out crowd! You can't stop The Rock! The power came back on 30 minutes after our set! What an amazing night and we love you all!!! It was one for the books… The light always shines in the dark."

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"After listening to all 11 songs, many times, I still want more from Stryper. Nothing here is tired. Nothing here is dull."


"We're disappointed. Stryper has always been about making people think outside the box."

Music Videos

This new Stryper song rocks. SHUT UP, YES IT DOES!