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Stream OBITUARY's Entire Hellfest 2015 Set

An hour's worth of Obituary!

You can't go see Obituary live right now, but you can watch their entire Hellfest 2015 set right now! You can almost maybe expect a new Obituary album this or next year?

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00:10 Redneck Stomp
03:55 Centuries of Lies
06:14 Visions in My Head
10:36 Infected
15:57 Intoxicated
21:00 Bloodsoaked
24:28 'Till Death
29:34 Don't Care
32:22 Violence
34:39 Back to One
38:53 Dead Silence
42:28 Back on Top
46:57 Inked in Blood
51:10 Slowly We Rot

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It's stuff they never got to use for Massacre.

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Obituary are set to become the latest prominent metal band to take advantage of streaming technology in the wake of a certain virus rendering...

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Slowly We Rot and Cause of Death, in case you forgot.