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STICK TO YOUR GUNS Rages Against The New American Dream In "Weapon"

A total rager.

Stick To Your Guns is now streaming their new single "Weapon," whose lyrics deal heavily with the idea of the American Dream being available to a select few people. It certainly helps that the music is equally driving to reinforce that point.

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"'Weapon' is about coming to terms with the reality of who I am," said Jesse Barnett. "I believe that people are products of the circumstances that are forced on them everyday. People say that 'The American Dream' is a lie. I don't think that's true at all. I think 'The American Dream' is alive and well, but like always, it's only available to a select few. Who I am in this formula is someone who doesn't accept that.

"I don't care about fair. I don't care about equal. I care about what's right, and since the inception of this country, the things it stands for and the things it's built upon, I believe it is irredeemable and it is my purpose to try to build something new in its place. But before we can do that, what is currently there must be dismantled. A country of sycophants lead by violence addicted oligarchs should and will be destroyed. Every person reaches a crossroads in their life. Roll over or keep going. Sometimes all you have is heart. I know it's all I have and that's all I need."

Stick To Your Guns will release their new record Spectre on July 29. Pre-orders are available here.

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