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STATIC-X Streams New Song "All These Years" With Wayne Static's Vocals

Where Wayne Static meets his future self.

Static-X's Project Regeneration Vol. 1 features a combination of previously recorded vocals from Wayne Static alongside a few songs with new vocalist Xer0. The new song "All These Years" is all about the former, and even features a child version of Static meeting his future self.

"It’s very challenging to represent someone in a music video, who is no longer alive, but that was something that we really wanted to do and I think it came out great" says drummer Ken Jay. "These are some of Wayne’s last works, so we really wanted to make this video all about him and to continue to celebrate his life and legacy. What better way to do that than through a fun, fictional story about how Wayne was inspired to become the legend that who he became through Static-X."

Project Regeneration Vol. 1 was originally due out on May 29 but has been slightly delayed due manufacturing shutdowns. Project Regeneration Vol. 1 is currently scheduled to be out on CD and hit streaming platforms on July 10, and be available on vinyl at August 14.

Pre-order the album here.

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