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Swollen Teeth

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They've got the mask thing down.

Swollen Teeth will release their debut EP on April 26. The EP was produced by Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson and will be released through Blowed Out Records, the new label founded by the Godfather of NĂ¼-metal Ross Robinson, rapper Ghostemane, SideOneDummy Records co-founder Bill Armstrong.

The thing is, nobody knows who the hell Swollen Teeth is. According to Wilson in an interview with Revolver, Swollen Teeth makes everyone and anyone involved with them wear a mask at all times.

"They make everybody do it," said Wilson. "The manager, anyone. Anyone that's there that's part of the family has to conceal their identity. They show up and you don't see them until it's time for them to play. They're not even in the dressing room. They literally pull up in an SUV or van all blacked-out. They come up, they got security with them. The security look like a SWAT team and they take them up and they're onstage with them the whole show."

Wilson also mentioned that he's already signed on to produce the next Swollen Teeth project, adding that "we've already compiled maybe 20 songs. You won't be getting 20 songs, but we're going to go through all that and grab what we think we need for the next thing."

So of course there's the question of if Wilson is actually in Swollen Teeth. To which the answer is a resounding "who the hell knows right now." All we know is that the Slipknot subreddit is already on the case.

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