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SERPENTS OF SECRECY Streams Music Video For Groovy New Tracks "Broke the Key" and "In the Lock"

Produced by J Robbins (Jawbox, Government Issue, Burning Airlines, etc.).

Serpents of Secrecy recently released their new album Ave Vindicta and you absolutely need all its groovy riffs in your life. In fact, you need to hear it so bad that we're premiering the band's music video for "Broke the Key" and "In the Lock" right now.

“Chuck Dukehart and Shane Gardner developed the concept for the video and its symbolism," said guitarist Todd Ingram. "It was filmed at Soldiers Delight Overlook Park in Maryland. Oddly enough we had to hike the Serpentine Trail for about twenty minutes to get to the clearing where most of the footage was shot. It must have been a sight to see, all of us hauling gear through the woods on some pretty rough terrain. And when Shane was shooting the solo footage of Mark singing along to the track, sometimes we had families walking the trail behind us who seemed very confused as to what was going on.

"Shane brought an excellent crew with him to include a drone pilot for those overhead shots which adds an extra dimension to Jim’s perspective of the scene. You’ll get what I mean when you see the video. The song and video are a tribute to our brother and ultimately a celebration of his music. The second half is the track ‘In the Lock.’ It's the tongue in cheek Rev. Jim Power Hour preaching concept that Mark came up with as we were finishing the album. That’s the celebration part. And the smile on Mark’s face as the sun sets behind us captures our sentiment perfectly. You’ll see it starting around the 5:12 mark. It was something I noticed when reviewing different edits. The sun was setting quickly so we really only had one pass to grab that footage. It’s a real moment of connection that just happened. I’m so glad Shane captured it."

Ave Vindicta was produced by J Robbins (Jawbox, Government Issue, Burning Airlines, etc.). The album is available via Bandcamp here and through the band's webstore here.

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