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2019-05-17-Sonic-Temple-System of a Down

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Serj Tankian Releases "Rumi" Music Video, Dedicated To His Son

And the 13th Century poet Rumi.

Serj Tankian is now streaming his music video for the song "Rumi", which is dedicated to both his son and the 13th-century Persian poet of the same name.

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"Lyrical specificity in music is generally discouraged because less people internalize them as they have less of a personal connection," said Tankian. "But there are cases where it is vital if the inspiration and muse is specific. In this case, a father talking to his son and reverence to the poet that inspired the son’s name could not be re-written so one can generalize."

"Rumi" is off Tankian's latest solo EP Elasticity, which is available here.

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