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Sabaton 2022
Photo by Tim Tronckoe

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SABATON Drops New Single "Soldier Of Heaven"

Exploring the frozen battles of the White War.

Sabaton is now streaming their new single "Soldier Of Heaven," whose lyrics chronicle the White War battles during World War I. The battles took place in the Alps at the border between Austria-Hungary and Italy where many soldiers froze to death or were buried by dangerous avalanches.

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"We already released the 'Christmas Truce' and here comes another song which shows the diversity of the new album," said bassist Pär Sundström. "In the early listening sessions of the new album, this one was noted among most people as a top song, and we know that this will be a powerful sing-a-long anthem at future concerts. So study the lyrics, get your ass to a show and make sure you kill Corona in the process!"

"Soldier Of Heaven" is available to stream here.

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