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SABATON Celebrates 1 Million YouTube Subscribers With Animated Music Video

The video chronicles the story of German pilot Franz Stigler.

Sabaton's YouTube channel has hit 1 million subscribers, and so they've released an animated music video for their 2014 song "No Bullets Fly". According to the band, the video chronicles the story of German pilot Franz Stigler escorting enemy pilot Charlie Brown of the battlefield instead of choosing to kill him.

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"On December 20 1943, a badly shot up B-17 piloted by Charlie Brown struggled to stay in the air," said Sabaton. "Franz Stigler, a German pilot, risked his life in three different ways when he was ordered to chase and shoot down the B17 bomber. When he came close enough he realized that the bomber had been severely damaged by anti aircraft fire during the raid and then he decided to escort it out of harms way instead of shooting it down. In doing this he risked both being court martialed, which most likely would have led to execution, and being shot down by the gunners of the B17 as well as being targeted by friendly anti aircraft fire."

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