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ROBERT FRIPP & TOYAH Celebrated The End Of 2023 With A Cover Of KISS's "Lick It Up"

When all is said and done, the one thing you won't be able to say about Robert Fripp is that he's boring.

Robert Fripp and his wife Toyah Willcox devoted most of their time in 2023 to avenues away from their pandemic-famous Sunday Lunch video series. Still, to close out 2023 in style they have offered us a hilarious cover of Kiss's "Lick It Up."

And since their previous kitchen concerts have served up everything from Slipknot to Sex Pistols, this Kiss homage goes full throttle into the realm of theatrical absurdity. Fripp, channeling his inner Gene Simmons, dons a giant, pulsating tongue that wouldn't be out of place in a Cronenberg film, plus a version of Simmons's makeup. Toyah, meanwhile, delivers the song's chorus with her signature blend of punk snarl and playful charm.

And hey, if Kiss is really going the avatar route, maybe Fripp and Willcox could offer their services for a discount? They certainly seem to have the theatrics down pat.

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