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Ripped To Shreds Live

Live Footage

RIPPED TO SHREDS Streams Entire California Show

They ripped everyone to shreds.

Ripped To Shreds has been touring in support of their brand new record 劇變 (Jubian). If you haven't made it out to a show yet, or you haven't heard of Ripped To Shreds, check out their entire October 22 show above! It's got everything from chainsaw-style guitar tones to massive melodic death metal moments, and way more.

The show ran as follows, and you can grab 劇變 (Jubian) here.

  1. "Opening Salvo" 00:02
  2. "Reek of Burning Freedom" 05:15
  3. "In Mourning" 09:45
  4. "Eight Immortals Feast" 14:16
  5. "Ripped to Shreds" 17:24
  6. "Yellow River Incident, 1938" 21:14
  7. "Remnants" 25:09
  8. "Peregrination to the Unborn Eternal Mother" 30:01

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