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RELAPSE "Sabotage" Metal Subgrenes with New Track

Is Aussie band Relapse nu-metal? Is Relapse djent? Is it screamo? Is it deathcore? Is it groove metal? You decide. We are premiering the new track "Sabotage" from this eclectic band today.

Here's what vocalist Ethan Robinson had to say about the track "Sabotage is about having undealt traumas that you may have never known you had resurfaced. Going through all these emotions can then cause you to lash out or become defensive to prevent getting hurt when in reality it's all in your mind, and your subconscious is just trying to keep you safe when in fact you are self sabotaging your life from whatever it may be. I was sabotaging my relationship because I was afraid of getting hurt."

Pre-save the album here and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Music Videos

From their album Blood Drive, out now.


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