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QUEEN's Brian May Has No Time For Nosy Reporters, Slaps Camera Out Of Reporter's Hand

Queen's Brian May was looking to have a nice moment with some fans after just arriving in Australia for a string of shows. A local news team happened to be there. May asked the news cameras to stop recording as he was not interested in having these interactions filmed. Shortly after, the newscaster would put away his professional camera and begin filming with his cell phone.

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"Alright, is this going to get ugly?" May can be seen asking in the video "Because you put it down now or else something ugly happens. Do you understand? You stop now. I’m serious, I’m deadly serious.” After the cameraman begins using his cellphone, May responds “Oh, the guy’s doing it on his phone now. You’re so clever, aren’t you? What a parasite you are. Just leave us alone, will you? Do you not understand?” May then smacked the phone out of the reporter's hand and could be heard saying “You go away now!”

May apologized to the fans “I’m sorry it was made ugly by this guy. So sorry.”

[via Loudwire]

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