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PROTEST THE HERO Studio Update #2 – Vocals

Protest the Hero have been known to release studio updates that about 5% music and 95% random crap, and this one is… well, a little different. We get some tastes of new music in both the beginning and the end, but I think appeals to fans the most out of anything on this record is the fact that Rody is back screaming.

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The band's 2011 record Scurrilous contained no screams and took a lighter approach to their normal heaviness. It's not that it wasn't heavy, it was just a different brand of heavy that was still pretty cool. I still say bring back Fortress Rody, which they did! So hooray! Also, his lows are… low. Which also rules. So going off what you've heard in this video, what do you think? More excited? Less excited?

Watch their first studio update here.

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