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Irish doom metal unit Primordial go not-so-doom on this one.

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PRIMORDIAL's New Song "To Hell Or The Hangman" Is A Galloping Heavy Metal Jam

Irish doom metal unit Primordial go not-so-doom on this one.

Primordial's new song "To Hell Or The Hangman" sounds more Iron Maiden than Candlemass, though the lyrics are certainly anything but upbeat. According to vocalist A.A. Nemtheanga, the song tells the story of a father hanging his son in 1493 told through the eyes of the father himself. Nemtheanga also has a bit of a sense of humor about the whole thing, ending his explanation with "so get on the dance floor." Though I'm near positive we've both danced and moshed to way, way worse.

"In 1493 Walter Lynch was hanged by his own father James Lynch, Mayor of Galwayon on the West coast of Ireland for the murder of a young Spanish noblemen who was visiting the family home. He had fallen in love with a young woman by the name of Agnes in the Lynch of household and in a fit of jealous rage one night Walter took the young Spaniard's life. The story goes that an angry 'lynch mob' took to the streets and barred the way to the usual execution spot so James took his son Walter and hung him with his bare hands from the open window into the street…..he was lynched from the hanging sill. 'To Hell or the Hangman' is this story through Walters eyes, a tale of unrequited love with a murderous end. Enough drama for you? A curious and strange song for single number two from the new album, dark romanticism! so get on the dance floor…"

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Exile Among The Ruins is out March 30.

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