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POSSESSED Frontman Discusses Inventing Death Metal


POSSESSED Frontman Discusses Inventing Death Metal

He did.

Much like the reverence for Black Sabbath in the world of heavy metal, Possessed is considering the creators of the death metal genre. The band formed in 1983 and one year later put out their demo. The demo fell into the hands of Chuck Schuldiner and Mantas, and drummer Kam Lee said in the book Choosing Death that Schuldiner freaked out when he heard it.

"When we were in Mantas, we still had a more Venom/Motörhead sound kinda going on. And then I remember Chuck getting the Possessed demo, and I just remember hearing it and just freaking out like, 'Man, this is the way we gotta be.'"

The rest is history. Possessed will put out their first new record in 33 years this year titled Revelations of Oblivion, and you can pre-order that below.

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