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POH HOCK's New Song "Fragile Space" Is Progressive Perfection

Featuring his former Native Constructive vocalist Robert Edens.

Poh Hock, the project headed up by guitarist Poh Hock Kee, is now streaming his fantastically progressive new single "Fragile Space." The single features Kee's former Native Construct bandmate Robert Edens, a music video by PICTORIA, and loads of memorable but damn near impossible-to-play guitar riffing.

“7 years ago, Rob and I started working on a song together for Native Construct's sophomore album, which was subsequently shelved. 7 years of experiences and learnings later, we brought it back to life for Poh Hock's 2nd EP, Gallimaufry.

"This track is an experiment in bringing together differing musical styles – Rob with his electronic and pop influences, and me with my background in classical and jazz music (and of course, metal), resulting in the eccentric and ethereal 'Fragile Space.'"

"Fragile Space" is from the forthcoming Poh Hock EP Gallimaufry out March 31. "Fragile Space" is available to stream here and Gallimaufry is available for pre-order here.

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