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PANTERA's "Walk" on a Stylophone Sounds Like an Old Chiptune Track

br00tal Comedy

PANTERA's "Walk" on a Stylophone Sounds Like an Old Chiptune Track

Quick, someone get an SNES!

YouTube and stylophone player maromaro1337 is back with another cover, this time taking on "Walk" by Pantera. maromaro1337 adds some of the faster runs were difficult given their speed and the stylophone's ability to keep up.

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"Woah! This one was a blast!" said maromaro1337. "Yeah, it was hard, especially the 12/8 rhythm. It's challenging on guitar to say the least but the Stylophone makes it 2 times harder. The Solo was also a pain in the butt. The Stylophone glitches on the fast runs and plays some strange notes (especially the second fast run)! Dimebag was just too fast and precise for this instrument! I loved Rex's bass part here. He plays a similar part as the guitar, but add's depth, and plays some head crushing chords. It's a feast for all us musical freaks."

For those unfamiliar, the stylophone is a miniature analog stylus-operated keyboard invited in 1967. Previous covers from maromaro1337 include "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC and "Master of Puppets" by Metallica, both of which have been noted as pains in the ass to play as well.

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