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PANTERA Brings DIMEBAG Lookalike On Stage For "F*cking Hostile"

…I mean, he does look a lot like Dime.

Pantera's show at the at the CFG Bank Arena in Baltimore, MD on February 24 took an interesting turn before the show closer "Fucking Hostile". Vocalist Philip Anselmo took a second to point out a fan that looked a lot like a young "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott before inviting the kid to join them on stage.

"Some people might believe in reincarnation and stuff like that," said Anselmo. "There could be a younger Dimebag right up front… Dude, just shake your head like that and everybody in the whole place will see it. Hey, turn up the lights here. Show 'em. Look at that guy."

He added: "When I was first met Dime, his lid was exactly that length."

And I mean, yeah – this kid could definitely place high on a Dimebag lookalike contest. See below for a comparison, as well as footage of the whole show.

PANTERA Brings DIMEBAG Lookalike On Stage For "F*cking Hostile"

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