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Here's PALLBEARER's "The Legend" On Electric Bassoon

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Here's PALLBEARER's "The Legend" On Electric Bassoon

Why not?

Bassoonist Christopher Pawlowski is here to answer the burning question that exactly none of us were asking – would "The Legend" by Pallbearer kick ass on electric bassoon? The answer is yes. While the cover is indeed fantastic, Pawlowski's description of becoming a fan of the band is really great as well.

"I'm extremely excited to present to you all my latest cover which continues my exploration of new, exciting, and unusual genres for the bassoon! A few months ago, my brother introduced me to Pallbearer via this song off of their Sorrow and Extinction album and after that listen I can scarcely remember a time before this where the very core of a band's sound moved me so much," said Pawlowski.

"I will never get tired of losing myself in their dense layered harmonies and poignant melodies. Their music, while mostly dark and brooding in nature, also contains select moments of cautious optimism, made unique by ever shifting meter and key changes at just the right moments. It might just be me but I think they also convey a sort of ancient power in their writing via counterpoint that is almost reminiscent of classic 4 part chorale writing, just with way more parallel 5ths! It's so functional and emotionally effective. Anyways, all that is to say: I think doom metal suits the bassoon oddly well! I do hope you enjoy this video, I really loved making this one and I definitely have plans to do more Pallbearer songs in the future."

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