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Origin 2022

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ORIGIN Streams Blindingly Fast New Single "Chaosmos"

From technical to slammy.

Origin is now streaming their new single "Chaosmos." The single encompasses everything from the blinding technicality you've come to expect from Origin, to some seriously slammy breakdowns that I'm sure will go over just fine live.

"Have you ever wondered if Origin can perform in an empty warehouse?" said drummer John Longstreth. "Here's your chance to find out! We're super excited to work with the video wizards at MyGoodEye once again. We had a ton of fun filming this thing! Enjoy CHAOSMOS!"

"Chaosmos… 25 years in the making. I'm personally super excited to present this album to our fanbase and I hope that they are excited to experience it as well!" said guitarist Paul Ryan. "I personally tried to combine elements of every era stylistically of each album in this release and with the continuation of the same lineup for the last few albums I hope our fan base connects to the music that we have created!

"Over the years, so many bands have used and imitated our musical approach but the most important elements of Origin's music are songwriting, composition, and structure dynamics, not just technicality and flare – and that can never be replicated. Thank you for taking the time to listen to our newest album to date …. Chaosmos."

Pre-orders for Chaosmos are available here.

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