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OMNIUM GATHERUM Unleashes Melodic New Song "Blade Reflections"

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Omnium Gatherum released Grey Heavens in 2016, though that wasn't the last you'd heard of the album. The band has now released an outtake from the album called "Blade Reflections" as a standalone single, which vocalist Jukka Pelkonen says is an anti-suicide song.

“In the light of recent events we wanted to voice our opinion about the tragedy of suicide. This is a subject that may concern anyone at some point. ‘Blade Reflections‘ is a statement against suicide and an encouragement to all of those who dwell in the depths of self-annihilation.

Having been there myself too, I know how devastating it can be. There is nothing more precious than this life itself and it is worth seeing through. Though, we do not condemn those who choose to go, rather we want to stand by with all the rest, all of us, who are staying.”

Pick up the single here.

Posted by on October 16, 2017 at 2:26 pm

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