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Of Mice And Men 2021

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OF MICE & MEN Announces Echo Album With New Single "Fighting Gravity"

Featuring previously released and new music.

Of Mice & Men is now streaming their new single "Fighting Gravity" off their upcoming full-length album Echo. Echo consists of the previously released Timeless and Bloom EPs, as well as a third unreleased EP called Ad Infinitum. Echo will be out December 3, while the four songs that make up Ad Infinitum will be released on vinyl come April 2022.

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"'Fighting Gravity' is about learning to let go, while also recognizing the impermanence and shortness of life," said bassist and vocalist Aaron Pauley. "We think we're in control of so much, but we're really not, and that existential dilemma is at the foundation of the human condition."

Pre-orders for Echo is available here.

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