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NIGHTWISH Streams Massive New Single "Perfume Of The Timeless"

A taste of grandeur, drama and heaviness.

We've finally got the first taste of Nightwish's upcoming record Yesterwynde, and the track – titled "Perfume Of The Timeless" and clocking at 8:27 minutes – sounds like classic Nightwish through and through.

Speaking to Kerrang! magazine about the song, keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen revealed: "When we had the first meeting with Nuclear Blast, talking about the new album and singles, I told them the first single will be a song called 'Perfume Of The Timeless' and it's eight and a half minutes long and the chorus comes in at 3:30.

"And they were, like, 'Perfect!' I think that has to do with the fact that we have a long legacy. You know, we can do whatever we want, and I do, but it says something that we can do that when I heard that for Spotify it's good to have the vocals start after 15 seconds, or people skip it; they don't have the attention span anymore."

"You are the result of an unbroken chain of millions of ancestors and their loves. 'Perfume Of The Timeless' reminds us all of this amazing fact. And if you're not amazed, listen to it again, because it's important." said the band about the single.

According to Tuomas, Yesterwynde took over 3.5 years to create, making it their most meticulously crafted album yet. The new record delves into universal themes like memories, mortality, and humanism, concluding a lyrical trilogy that began with Endless Forms Most Beautiful and Human. :II: Nature.

Yesterwynde will be available as an exclusive 4 LP Boxset with calendar, on exclusive splatter & marbled 2LPs with 16-page booklets and various other strictly limited formats. Pre-order the format of your choice here.

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