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NIGHT VERSES' First Single In Five Years Definitely Shreds

Yes, Aric Improta is still insane.

Night Verses is back after five years with a brand new single "Arrival" and a trippy visualizer to go along with it. The single also goes to prove that Night Verses still shreds. If you listen closely, you can even hear drummer Aric Improta doing a backflip between two drum kits! I mean, not really, but maybe.

"When writing this song (Arrival), we kept referencing how it reminded us of our drives together through the desert," said the band. "The song was a result of us finding a way to transfer that same pairing of physical, visual and sonic experience to the listener. In general, we wanted to create a more participatory experience – one where the listener can connect with the composition in the right environment, while at the same time discovering what the piece means to them personally."

As for the future of Night Verses, all we were told is "A bright new chapter begins… Expect much more to come soon." So that's good news.

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