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Moon Tooth
Photo by Anthony Lopardo

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MOON TOOTH Streams Goodfellas-Inspired Video For New Song "Alpha Howl"

Get your razors and garlic out.

Moon Tooth is back again with yet another excellent single off their coming record Phototroph. Moon Tooth is now streaming the chunky, groovy-as-hell new single "Alpha Howl" alongside a music video inspired by the classic movie Goodfellas and directed by Tom Flynn.

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"There's nothing more precious in life than finding your true purpose," said vocalist John Carbone. "It's a miracle in and of itself. Equally impacting is the misery of finding it and then being kept from it. When I'm home, sleeping in a comfy bed in my comfy apartment, I toss and turn furiously feeling in every sense of the word, restless. But touring all these years, sleeping on filthy hardwood floors in punk houses, wearing the same sweat-drenched show clothes from days ago, I sleep like a baby because my heart, mind and spirit are nourished.

"Of course it's important to remember my privilege: I have an apartment, a bed, and I am grateful, but I have worked to put food on the table doing things I hate and having found true purpose, I think it's reasonable to want to work my ass off at that for survival. 'Alpha Howl' is about emotionally, philosophically, and spiritually starving to death."

Pre-order Moon Tooth's new album Phototroph here before its May 13 release.

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