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MISERY SIGNALS Hits Hard in New Song "Sunlifter"

Every riff is a truck coming right for you.

Misery Signals is back to their original lineup (sans original guitarist Jeff Aust, plus longtime guitarist Stu Ross) for their new record Ultraviolet. That means vocalist Jesse Zaraska, guitarists Ross and Ryan Morgan, bassist Kyle Johnson, and drummer Branden Morgan. You can stream the band's new song "Sunlifter" above and pre-order Ultraviolet here since it's out today.

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It should be noted that Misery Signals originally released "Sunlifter" in 2014 as a part of the Sunlifter / Like Yesterday 7". The track (I believe) was vocalist Karl Schubach's last contribution to Misery Signals before his departure that same year. You can check out that version below, which is pretty different from the Ultraviolet version.

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